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Optimising Your Business On Google Local Search

 Get Your Business On Google Local Search

Optimising your business on google search results is a relatively straight forward process,so long as you stick to the rules .Dont for one minute think you can get one over on Google and you will in the long term ,do more harm than good if your anything but honest about all the information you provide about you your business and its location.

You may  fancy tackling it yourself ,and  is one of the most important things that you need to keep well optimised and up to date, is your business profile. This listing is a dynamic and evolving snapshot of your business that will highlight all of your best features and services and will make it nice and easy to enable your potential customers to quickly find you.

This will also be the place that you accumulate your customer reviews and they will also be able to learn more about you and your company .People will be more able to engage with you and all this directly from the search results, for free. No actually website required .

Google’s algorithm to rank a business profile doesnt just consider your locality to the search query, although your proximity will have some  relevance ,there are also  many other points to keep in mind. They will also consider things like your activity online, and the quality of the information that is posted there and the reviews of your business and its services.

Optimizing your Google Business Profile sends positive  signals to Google and new clients that you are an active member and caring business owner,  which will also play a small  factor in  a businesses ranking level.

Google have a great article on the very subject and its well worth the read   Optimising your business on Google Local Search