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How Long Should It Take Google To Remove A Negative Review ?

Any business that has a negative review on the Google My Business profile will feel the effects and unfortunately, there isnt a simple “delete” option for its reviews and so many business owners first question will likely be how long should it take google to remove a negative review ?

It will take Google a little time to look into any reported false reviews, and the time ranges from 5 days to  20 days, but that doesnt mean they will agree to remove the fake review. In that time, you could have dozens of people viewing your business page who dont know that the review is possibly fake. During the waiting time it may help to get clients and friends and even employees to also flag the fake review ,although this tactic is unlikely to change the final outcome it could well help speed up the process .

While the review remains visible on the page it would be a useful idea to compose a good response ,giving your utmost apologies and asking for any evidence they may have such as staff names or pictures of broken or poorly packaged  items ,For instance: According to our database, you were never our client. Please explain your negative feedback .Sometimes the response ,or lack off ,will speak volumes to future clients and Googles staff also .

Google already uses an automated spam detection system to remove reviews that are possibly spam. These measures help improve peoples experiences on Google and try to ensure that the reviews that seen are authentic, relevant, and useful. Although this system isnt infallible and can lead to some of your legitimate reviews being inadvertently taken down and fake reviews being left posted  .So if this system hasnt worked for any particular  instance the first step to getting rid of the negative review is obviously report the link to the fake review to Google .

If this tactic doesnt work then the next best alternative would to try flood the review with legitimate positive reviews and comments ,not only pushing the faker review further and further away from the top results but strengthening your star rating to a more appropriate level .

If you need further advice or help about how long should it take google to remove a negative review you can check the blog for more information or contact us .